A history of permanent makeup

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While in today’s society makeup is a welcome addition to the beauty regimen of millions, have you ever wondered how and when makeup was first invented?

The invention of makeup

Over images2 million years ago during the Ice Age, natural substances were used to place colourful artwork onto the skin. In some cases man-made tools were used to make this adorning of the skin more permanent – a process not too dissimilar from the modern tattooing and semi-permanent makeup application of today.


The famous queen Cleopatra, who reigned in Egypt over 4,000 years ago, is also believed to have decorated her skin with permanent makeup. However while most people remember her drastic eyeliner for its glamorous appearance, historians have discovered that her makeup was not only a beauty statement but also a way of protecting her from common infections.

The rise of modern tattooingBow-Tattoos-Tattooing

Jump forward to the 19th Century and the first electrical tattoo machine was designed in New York by Samuel O’Seilly. Using this new found technology, the application of permanentmakeup became more common. The first permanent makeup procedure was also recorded in the 1800s, administered by Dr Crowell Beard. Dr Beard was known to have tattooed a client who required a replacement for lost eyelashes.

The ‘Mother of Permanent Makeup’

Prior to the 21st century permanent makeup remained rare. While technology was well developed, the procedure struggled to take off as tattoos were not socially acceptable, especially for women.

However as stigma decreased, cosmetic tattoo technician Pati Pavlik brought permanent makeup to the mainstream. After beginning her tattoo career in 1979, by 1985 Pati spent two thirds of her time administering cosmetic tattoo procedures. As a result of her work in promoting the procedures, Pati is often called the ‘Mother of Permanent Makeup’.

Semi-permanent makeup in the 21st century

Nowadays millions of men and women across the globe have used semi-permanent makeup as a way of improving their appearance. From eyebrows to lip colour, a range of procedures have been made available to everyday people at affordable prices, meaning the treatments are more popular than ever before.

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