Sun, Sea and Stay-Put Brows

Semi=permanent makeup

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to think about their summer holidays. Alongside the time saving element and special occasions such as weddings, beach breaks are one of the main reasons clients come to us for semi-permanent make up treatments.

For years women have struggled with swimming, sunbathing, even working out or going for a run in fear they will emerge from the water with smudged, barely there or all together absent eyebrows. The threat of being caught out without an eyebrow pencil is a real one! Although most of us can laugh about our eyebrow mishaps, it’s something which can often leave women feeling very self-conscious.

What better reason to treat yourself to a beautiful pair of semi-permanent ‘beach brows’ so you can enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that your brows are there to stay!

Timing is important when planning semi-permanent make up in time for a holiday. You will need two treatments approximately six weeks apart and up to seven days healing time after the second appointment before you are beach-brow ready so make sure to plan in advance.

Alongside the perfect pair of brows, we also offer semi-permanent eyeliner, lip contour and full lip blush for those wanting an extra glam look on the beach this year.

Remember ladies, once you’ve got your beautiful new pair of brows, it’s important to protect them in the sun. We recommend wearing a facial sunscreen of at least SPF15 to keep them looking their best.

Katie Elizabeth works from clinics in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Toddington. Get in touch via the contact page to book your appointment or arrange for a free consultation.


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