Perfectly shaped eyebrows can change the overall appearance of the face creating balance and symmetry.  Eyebrows have never been so fashionable and semi-permanent makeup is a great way to find an eyebrow style that you’re confident with, without having to apply pencil every day. 

Katie Elizabeth offers two types of semi-permanent eyebrow treatments:

Hair stroke technique

The hair stroke technique involves adding pigments of colour in fine feathering stokes, mimicking the appearance of real hair. This technique provides a subtle, natural looking finishWhere thin or sparse eyebrows need filling, or age has taken its toll on the density of your eyebrow hair, the hair stroke technique provides a great solution.

Powder technique

The powder eyebrow technique is the most popular semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. It involves adding hair stroke applications throughout the brow to create the perfect shape, before finishing with addition of finer, slighter hair strokes. The powder brow technique creates a fabulous, full finish and is great for those wanted a more defined shape for their brows.

Semi-permanent eyeliner

Perfect eyeliner can take years to master and ioften impossible to replicate from one day to the next. The application of semi-permanent liner can elongate or open up the look of your eyes as well as enhancing your lashes, meaning you don’t have to worry about fiddly application each day. Not all clients want the same effect and semi-permanent liner can be used to create anything form a subtle sweep to a full and dramatic effect.

Lip contouring

Lip contouring can provide the perfect definition for those who feel their lip shape has lost its oomph in recent years. It’s also perfect for women who love to wear lipstick and gloss, but struggle to apply the perfect liner each day. Whether worn with or without lipstick, lip contouring will provide you with a full and defined shape that looks immaculate day in and day out. 

Lip blush

Lip blush is similar to lip contouring but includes blending the colour into the natural lip in order to provide a more subtle finish. This treatment is great for clients who like to wear natural colours, or for those who have smaller lips. As with contouring, lip blush looks great with or without the additional application of lipstick, meaning you can feel photo smile ready at all times.


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